Africa offers unique landscapes, experiences and wild-life...

We all dream of that perfect holiday or safari, the one that will be memorable beyond measure ... so come and explore Africa and discover a continent rich in vibrant cultures, breathtaking scenery and spectacular wildlife destinations.

Let us help you create your dream holiday and adventure that will leave you filled with a lifetime of awe inspiring memories and moments of your journey in Africa. With our collective knowledge and experience gained living and working in some of the most remote and pristine corners of this magnificent continent, we will assist you in planning and realizing your every desire and need in all aspects of your journey in Africa.

Whether you are in search for that perfect place to lay your head down during a working trip, the ideal place for your family to relax and unwind or if you are looking to discover something new and exciting, we are here to help and assist you in realizing your dream holiday or safari.

Why travel with us?

Friendly, Dedicated, Personal and Reliable consultation and support. Attention to the smallest details. A wealth of knowledge and experience of Africa, its cultures and wildlife & wilderness areas. Exciting and exclusive destinations in Southern, Western & Eastern Africa. Unique, tailor made Safaris.


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