The 10 Days Premium Vegan Recce Pioneering Adventure and Exploration to Namibia

Stay on previously occupied cattle beef farms that have been transformed into nature reserves where the focus turned to recovering grass planes with a primary focus on carnivore conservation such as The AfriCat foundation on the Okonjima Nature reserve and Etosha Oberland Lodge south of the famous Etosha National Park.
Experience these facilities as an oasis of hospitality with a passion for an excellent guest experience and the very highest standards of service.
Breathe in the soft clean air, crackling with bird song and a chorus of lion roars  in the background. Experience Rhino, one of the "Big Five" on game drives into the fabled Etosha National Park, nights spent around the fire, watching as some of the world's most elusive and endangered animals drink at subtly lit waterholes. Where lions were once shot on sight, some of these properties like Ongava Game reserve are now home to several prides that are the hunters, not the hunted. Rhino populations are not only protected, they are understood. This is your chance to be immersed in the wild as this is just a small, spectacular part of what you will experience.
Visit the Twyfelfontein conservancy that has been protecting the southernmost roaming ground of the black rhino and elusive desert elephant. Experience sustainable eco-tourism and community upliftment where guides from the local tribes compliment day-time game drives to track mountain zebra, kudu, springbok, klipspringer and if you are fortunate enough... the leopard! As an adventurer your days will be filled with game drives, and immersing yourself with some spectacular scenery.
Fly over the southern Skeleton Coast Park, now a national park located in the remote north-west of Namibia, covering 16,845 km2, where it protects nearly a third of Namibia’s coastline. It is notorious for its treacherous waters, rough surf, shifting shores and changeable weather.
Yet, life flourishes in this seemingly hostile desert. Elephants, lions, brown hyenas, birds and other desert-adapted wildlife are at home in this unforgiving land. Famed for its shipwrecks estimated to number in the thousands, the Skeleton Coast exudes a sense of danger. Thick fog, gale-force winds and the strong Benguela Current make this a difficult part of the ocean to safely navigate for Ships. To this day the Skeleton Coast still claims its victims.
Then last but not least, we leave the best for last “Wolwedans” with its collection of dreams. Here the ethos lies in setting an example in sustainability and continually fulfilling its commitment to conservation. Your African dream vacation becomes real where you will experience an example in conservation-centred, sustainable tourism. The collection of Camps nestles into the dunes and is set against a backdrop of diverse and breathtaking desert scenery. Biodiversity is life in these parts. Large mammals include kudu, Hartman's and Burchell's zebra, giraffe, klipspringer, steenbok, hartebeest and baboon. Predators include leopard, spotted and brown hyena, black-backed jackal, aardwolf, bat-eared fox, Cape fox, African wildcat, caracal and genet.