Okahirongo River Camp is an eco-friendly luxury tented lodge built on a sweeping ridge and opening up to breathtaking views of the Kunene River. The central area, constructed above the rapids, comprises two lounges, a library and dining room, decked out in African elegance. The turquoise waters of the swimming pool spell out refreshment from the desert heat and the spacious sundeck invites sunbathing or simply delighting in the exotic grandeur of the natural surroundings.

The three beautiful lunges around the pool are connected by stylish wooden decks over illuminated fish ponds. All the pieces of furniture are wisely selected to create a perfect atmosphere of stylish luxury, between local art and the beauty of essential shapes.

The Camp is 100% based on solar power and with traditional lightings we keep the place unspoiled and magical

Here at the River Camp you can experience the pure sound of nature: lose yourself in all the lights and shades that the sun draws over the mountains and let the Kunene river play the best music for deep meditation.


Cleverly built into the rocky terrain all the accommodation are constructed with wood and canvas, walls in concrete to recall the mountains around. Each have a magnificent view of their own.

70 square meters cottages with private bathroom and a spacious private deck. The interiors have been furnished with a minimalist African chic unique atmosphere

A choice between kingsize double beds and wide three-quarter twin beds will ensure the comfort in any situation

Double basins, a choice of indoor chromotherapic shower, featuring a 60 cm wide head, or a panoramic open air shower.

A choice between internal shower with cromotherapy and open-air shower with sunset and stars therapy will ensure your refreshment at any time of the day

Fall asleep to the sound of the rushing river below: the perfect african lullaby

River Camp - The Family Suite

Is a two bedrooms tended villa with one kingside bed and two three-quarter twin beds. The two bedrooms have private ensuite bathrooms and are connected by a large deck with a beautiful view on the river.


Others offer “activities”, we deliver experiences! Both The Elephant Lodge and the River Camp offer unique occasions to live great adventures: from stunning scenic drives to elusive desert adapted animals tracking. Each location has a specific set of experiences that we suggest to dive deep in the heart of the Kaokoland and the extraordinary Himba culture. Our guides are 100% locals with lifetime experience in the location: they are true Himbas, heirs of ancient desert tribes knowledge. We train them to master desert driving and english and they bring in their priceless knowledge of nature and animals, for an experience that is a true encounter rather than just another “drive”.

Our everyday activities are run on Toyota LandCruiser and LandRover Defender 9 seats open game-drives, specifically equipped for desert environment. The vehicles are shared with other lodge members, to have a dedicated vehicle we offer private activities on closed, air conditioned vehicles with a private guide



The Himba tribes populating this area are among the last truly semi-nomadic traditional tribes in the world. They move around following the necessities of their livestock and don’t bother to be found by travellers. With the experience and mediation of our guides - all 100% himbas - our guest have the best chance not only to see them but to get a real encounter. This is usually a full day activity: we leave early in the morning (the earlier the better) to find a tribe and meet them when all the activities are in full range. You will see them preparing breakfast, milking and taking care of the animals, doing their special toilet based on a pouder mixed with natural ingredients. After 10 am is usually resting time, and we move to the permanent villages, where there may be nobody (depending on the time of the year) but you can appreciate the difference in setting and architecture of the village with the more temporary camps where usually tribes are found.


We offer an amazing opportunity to cruise the Kunene river and see the natural border between Angola and Namibia.Frequent sights are the Angolan Himbas on the other side of the river, along with crocodiles, different birds and some particular plants. The sailing is the right amount of time to experience the unique setting of the river, sipping a cold drink and letting “the world slip”.


This corner of the Kunene river, just a walk away from the lodge, is the perfect setting for a wild afternoon refresh: the rapids protect this body of water from the dangerous crocodiles and provide at the same time a nice body massage. We call it our “natural jacuzzi”.


Beautiful chain of mountains enclose and protect the Marienfluss valley as a hidden pearl. The closest one provide a great location for an early morning trekking or a sundown climb. The view on top will reward the effort for the walking.


The red dune and the half moon valley are two among our favourite spots to watch the sunset in a magic atmosphere: your favourite drink, a nice snack before dinner and a priceless view on the stunning colors of this corner of the world.


As beautiful and elusive as they are, fairy circles have attracted the attention of scientists and tourists from all over the world: perfectly rounded shapes of deserted sand in otherwise flourishing fields. Our guides will tell you about the many theories surrounding their origins: gods, aliens, wild animals… or the answer may be… smaller?

Kaokoland Bonus Activities


Do you want to meet the “Bansky of the desert”? Possibly the most elusive artist in Namibia and maybe in Africa, someone has created over 40 pieces of art around the Kaokoland area: lone men, staring at the infinite beauty of the desert, resting under a tree, or walking towards his future. These rocky men impersonate the struggle and the soul of the modern human in what can be considered one of the most vast pop art of our time. The artist choose our area for his setting and it will be a beautiful adventure to try to spot as many pieces of this unique artwork.


Under request is possible to organize a special surprise lunch in the bush, alongside the river in Marienfluss or among the dunes at the Elephant Lodge.


Did you happen to chance upon a unique pride of lions, could you stand the look of nature? The Kaokoland has always been home for the unique desert adapted lions: an elusive species that have been endangered by human conflict. We are actively involved in the effort of conservation along with the desert lions project. Rarer than rare, the best occasion to have a once in a lifetime encounter with these beautiful lions is to drive between the Elephant Lodge and the River Camp. Only very few individuals are left, and they are very elusive, but you will still experience one of the best drive of your life.


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