Honoring the elephants’ right of way, a timber walkway, towering above these giants, meanders through the trees and joins the ten luxurious tented suites of exquisite comfort. Tastefully decorated with natural colours and evoking a gentle balance of serenity, the decadently spacious tented suites open completely and emanate a feeling of vastness and opulence.

As dawn breaks your morning tea or coffee, together with homemade biscuits, are personally delivered to your tent by your guide. From the privacy of your tree house deck, watch the sky illuminate with hues of purple and amber and re-energize for the day’s adventure ahead.

The main feature, and the heart of the lodge, is the majestic viewing deck, from where your “open to sky” dining, with rewarding views of the floodplains below, are more than often the playground for large herds of elephants, buffalo and plains game that later seek refuge and security under your tented suite for the night.


The elegant Safari Lounge creates a perfect fusion of energy and relaxation, which emphasises a sense of place. A library with a mixture of vintage artifacts and books, as well as small relics found on site while building the lodge on this historical military area, all encourage touch and exploration.

Often, a game drive away from the lodge becomes so unnecessary as the elephants and wildlife meander through the camp. Sun downers are then enjoyed from the safety of the decks or lengthy walkways, only meters above these animals as they traverse below you and go about their feeding.


  • Unique decor
  • Built among the treetops
  • 110 square meters of space
  • A private lounge
  • En-suite bathroom with both shower and bath
  • Spacious viewing deck
  • Mosquito nets around the beds


Guided Game Drive

As dawn breaks or the afternoon shadows lengthen our game drives depart to discover the unknown behind every bend within the Bwabwata National Park. Observing every branch for a rare endemic bird, to be rewarded instead by an elusive leopard. The silence broken by the deep low rumble vibrating through the bush, which could only belong to a large herd of elephants. Out of nowhere they appear with a focused determination towards the life-giving water up ahead. Knuckles white, as I grip the seat of the game viewer, relishing the moment as a highlight of my journey through this unique and largest Conservation area in the Africa.

Duration: 3 hours

Boat Cruise

The early morning suns rays reflect off the waters edge, the soothing sound of the water as it is gently broken by the bow of the boat cutting through the waters surface. Our guides steer the boats past varied landscapes of papyrus islands and reed floodplains and get within respectful distances of hippos, crocodiles, other mammals and the varied bird species this area is known for. An informative, yet soulful experience on waterways similar to that of the Okavango Delta.

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Guided Bush Walk

Walking Safaris are an incredible way to experience the bush in a more personal and energetic way. Our local guides take great delight in sharing their ancestral repertoire of medicinal uses of the flora along the way and their tales of the wild and their upbringing in this area. It is an experience, which connects and grounds any participant to our Earth. As we are in a truly natural environment with lion, buffalo, elephants, leopard and other wildlife roaming these plains freely, we discourage guests under the age of 12.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Bush Dinning

Dining in the natural bush together with a sun downer on the cusp of the evening is a must when you visit Africa. We take you to the most romantic and memorable spots. There is nothing quite like sitting in the silence of a remote area, with the splendid array of bird song, while breathing in the earth and the sweet scents of the surrounding trees. It’ll make you fall in love with the Zambezi region all over again. You can plan around two hours, start to finish, for one of these delectable and relaxing experiences. We are happy to arrange breakfasts to suit any of your special dietary needs as well.

The Sijwa Project Tour

A Boat cruise from the Lodge to Sijwa Island, where the Sijwa host will meet our guests and guide them through the project which was established by African Monarch Lodges as part of its endeavor to be sustainable and give back to the community and conservation by protecting the natural resources and developing the local community through a bio diverse economy. It is here where guests will be entertained and be enriched with local culture as they partake in a visit to the cultural village. A walk through the permaculture plants, recycling workshops where waste such as plastic, glass and cans are turned into beautiful artifacts for sale. Guests can buy and plant trees from our indigenous tree nursery to offset their carbon emissions at the project.

Yoga Safaris

Whether you are curious to explore ways to live a more mindful life, whether you would like to compliment your travels with time to rest and rejuvenate or you are a well-practiced Yogi seeking to further your own practice – take part in one of our yoga retreats in the heart of the world’s largest conservation area, exclusively hosted by Nambwa Tented Lodge. Please contact us to receive a complete itinerary of yoga retreats on offer.

Romantic Picnic

Nothing tops a secluded personalised picnic under the canopy of majestic trees in the wild. A bottle of sparkling wine and a freshly prepared organic spread from our kitchen will set the scene for a truly spectacular vintage picnic safari.

Dining under the African Sky

Dining is deemed to be the highlight of a bespoke travel experience. At Nambwa we take immense pleasure turning every meal into a memorable experience. Our locally trained Chefs illustrate their artistic flair of local and traditional influences. They delicately prepare ingredients sourced from local subsistence farmers and add spice to these culinary delights to evoke a spark of the art and elegance of fine dining.


When you choose to celebrate your wedding at African Monarch Lodges in the heart of the Zambezi, you and your guests will experience the ultimate full-service retreat centered completely around your big day. The Zambezi is truly a unique backdrop for creating life’s most cherished memories. Don’t settle for a typical wedding, enjoy a Zambezi celebration.

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